Australian Web Hosting

Web Hosting - 100% Australian

All our sites are hosted on Aussie soil with true 24/7 support. But If you'd like to keep your own host, no problem we can work with them.

There are important reasons to use Australian hosting for Australian websites. We've listed the benefits below


Technologies used by web hosting companies effect site speed. Site speed effects your google ranking. More than ever google is giving weight to faster loading websites.

Speed gives a better user experience. We're a pretty impatient lot these days. If the page loads slow, we'll go to the next website.

Quality equipment

All our servers use state-of-the-art solid state technology. This means 99.5% uptime for your website.


We offer managed hosting packages starting from $15/month. This includes

  • Hosting setup
  • managing wordpress updates
  • Site backups
  • security monitoring

Scalability - Plan for growth

We offer shared and dedicated hosting that meets your needs now and into the future. Our flexible platform means we simply allocate more resources as your business grows.

Good Support = Fast + Friendly

This is a biggie. Things rarely go wrong, but if they do you need immediate assistance. We offer true 24/7 support by either phone, live chat or email.

We're super friendly. We don't expect you to be web server experts and will always treat you with respect. Tech support is unlimited so fire questions through whenever you need to.