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Your website is key to business success. Web design needs care, attention and focus. A “slap-one-up” approach leads to wasted resources. Unfortunately many folks waste precious time and marketing dollars driving traffic to websites that simply don’t convert. We’ve seen it time and time again.

Carefully crafted websites have higher sales, leads & conversion rates.

If you’re local, let ’em know

Local search results convert very well.

If your a Lismore company with Lismore customers, lets target Lismore searches in google to get good rankings. It sounds pretty simple right! It is, but a staggering number of online business’ in the local area are missing the boat with this.

Lets say you in Byron Bay, selling your latest “Byron Bay Thingy” to the world. You have both a local and global customer base. We need to target both groups. We’d require different pages with different keywords to attract and keep those valuable customers.

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3 second rule to grab customer attention

3 Second rule

You have 3 seconds to grab attention!

This is where the battle for customer engagement is won and lost. If you can’t engage visitors, you can’t keep them. Who you are, what you do, how you can help, this is the message to get through inside  3 seconds.

Call to action

Make it easy to email, call or buy.

Make sure your phone number is prominent on every page. Have an enquiry form on every page. These are the absolute basics for business web design, but are often neglected. If you’re getting traffic but not conversions, the call to action will be the culprit.

People have found you via a google search, so you know they’re interested. A smart call to action will proactively remove conversion barriers. This can simply be answering common questions on the landing page with an obvious “buy now” button. Or, a more subtle approach, walking visitors down a conversion path. A clear call to action yields amazing rewards for effort.

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website analytics analysis

Track visitors & Conversions

Boom! This is the big guy.

How people arrived, what they look at, what they like and why they leave. This is what visitor tracking is all about. Using a FREE tool in google analytics, these questions can be answered and improvements made.

The analytics feedback loop. Try something new, get the results, adjust and improve. This is the magic of google analytics conversion tracking.


All hail original relevant content.

Give it some personality. Your website content tells your story. Most small business people I know have amazing stories. Yet, so few convey the story with zeal and passion on they’re site. I think we feel a little scared to write how we really feel and subsequently put ourselves in the boring box.

Easy to digest. Sounds basic, and it is. Treat your visitors to bit size content snippets they can swallow. To much info and we just tune out.

Show your expertise. The right balance is needed here. If you sound to full of yourself, us Aussies get dubious real quick. But, the right mix of humility and authority shows genuine expertise. Customers will feel comfortable and that leads to conversions.

SEO. Another biggie. Ok, here’s the nutshell version. Search engines can only find you through content. Content being website text and alt-tags on images. That’s it. So to get found you need to tap into what people are looking for. We give you a lot of assistance in this area.

High quality content married with an effective website design is the key to results.

content is king for websites
eye catching web design quality

Eye Catching Quality

We’re visual creatures.

Websites with visual appeal grab our attention right away. We get get one chance at a first impression. People who enjoy the look and feel of the your site will stay on it longer and share it with others more often.

A visually appealing site speaks of the quality of your products. It conveys your attention to detail. It says, “If you put this much effort into a website, I can expect the same from your product”.

Web Design Must Have's

A stable, well supported CMS with reliability and control is a must for business owners.

Reliability. This cannot be overstated. The most glorious design and sumptuous content will be laid to waste if your site doesn’t work properly. Best to choose a CMS that’s been in the market place a long time.

Control. You gotta to have it! Don’t leave control of your content in the hands of web designers (like us). Make sure you own it. Make sure you can update it yourself. We teach you how to update text and pictures yourself. If you can use a mouse and keyboard you’re over qualified.

Make sure to ask for cpanel logins (high level website admin area). This means if something happens to your website host, your ok. Another website hosting company (like us), can transfer all you website data and emails to a new home.

Choose the right web design company

We have to “get you”.

Communication rather than coding ability is the true hall mark of great website designers. Our job is to really understand your business goals and translate them to the web format.

Post-design assistance is key.

Building your shinny new website is one thing, then comes the grunt work. SEO, adwords, social media marketing should all be in the the company’s arsenal. It’s best to go with a web design company that does everything in-house, so all marketing efforts work together for online success.

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Darryl Sullivan


Ok, so I've got a good head for radio. But, a hipster beard and man-bun doesn't make a good developer 🙂 I've clocked over 10 years ecommerce and web design experience.  10 years....really? Man that went fast. I have a real desire to see your online project succeed and habitually go the extra mile.



Heather Sullivan

Client Account Manager

Heather has a talent for logic and organisation. Before we started our web business' back in 2005 Heather was a database administrator for Queensland health. She continues to shine in an organisational role at Drive Web Design ensuring client projects are completed on time.




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Server & Security Consultant

For the last 8 years Dennis has been our server and security consultant.  Dennis is quite simply "Brilliant" at server security.  In todays online world security must be water tight. Dennis has been protecting and saving websites since the early days of the web. The force is strong with this one.



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