SEO & Search Engine Optimisation 

SEO - search engine optimisation

SEO is search marketing. We can utilise millions of daily Google searches to drive traffic to your website. SEO is a term that holds a certain mystical quality these days. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's quite scientific and repeatable.

Optimising your website requires significant effort these days. Google's algorithm is ever increasing in complexity and your top level competitors are probably investing heavily in SEO tactics.

What is SEO?

It's the processing of optimising the content & design of your website to improve the volume and quality of website traffic.

There's people using search engines like Google everyday, looking for your services. Engaging SEO helps them find you.

How to "do SEO?"

You can ask ten people this question and get ten different answers. There are tactics and methods we've found work well over time. SEO tactics should legal (white-hat methods) and defensible to stand the test of time.

Here's a few elements common to all SEO strategies:

Build a keyword database

This is step one. Learn what people are searching for and tap into it. Use relevant search terms and phrases. Your keyword database more than a list of words. It's a marketing powerhouse with spill over benefits to your other marketing efforts. Learning to speak your customers language, using they're own words is very effective.

The 3 pillars of your keyword list are:
1. Relevancy - qualified traffic
2. Unique - personalised words and phrases not used by competitors
3. Evolution - every changing, refining, improving

Analytics - You have to work the numbers

Gut feelings about keywords and phrases is bad science. Your keywords must be put under the microscope and reviewed. Then your actions are driven by hard data rather than feelings. Google Analytics is a free tool every website must utilise for SEO success. Search trends are always changing because language is changing. Consistent, analytical keyword review keeps you ahead of the game.

Use PPC and SEO together

PPC (or pay per click) advertising is a valuable SEO tool. It quickly tells you which words convert and which don't. You can change your PPC keywords and ad text in a second to test out a new set of keywords then feed the results into your SEO keyword list. This way you can get instant feedback on your keyword list. Pretty cool!