Google Adwords Campaigns

PPC advertising & Google Adwords

When we talk pay per click advertising (PPC), We're really talking Google adwords. While there are a number of ways to pay for clicks, adwords dominates the landscape. 9/10 Australians do they're searching on Google, so it makes sense to advertise on this search engine.

The good

Qualified leads

Adwords is a powerful platform to drive targeted traffic to your site. It's the extreme level of targeting that makes adwords such a powerhouse. You only pay for people searching for your stuff. There's really nothing else like it to drive more qualified business leads.


The second you start advertising is the second you start getting traffic. If you're site is ready with a killer landing page and call to action, BAZINGA! It's game on.

Pay as you go

You're not locked into an advertising contract. You can turn the taps off (or turn them on harder) as required.

Make changes, test results & improve – A/B Testing

This is where pay per click advertising like Google Adwords has a massive advantage over print media. You can try something for a week. If the ad produces unexpected results (which happens a lot) you can change the ad wording on the fly. Better than that, you can have multiple ads running on rotation and see which one converts best over time. Man, I get excited just thinking about it.

The reality

It's a competitive game that required some serious focus. A loose approach to pay per click advertising means bad ROI for your marketing budget. But, a methodical, professional approach can launch your business to the next level. We've literally seen this happen overnight.

We can help you. We've had years of experience running Google Adwords campaigns.
Let us take the stress out of pay per click advertising and increase your bottom line.