Mobile Website Deisgn

Mobile Website Design Principles

All our sites are designed using the "mobile-first philosophy". You'll get noticed no matter the device.

What does "mobile first philosophy" mean?

It simply means we have mobile devices in mind when designing your new website. This way your site will look fantastic on smart-phones, tablets, laptops, monitors and smart TV's.

In some respects this term is now redundant for the web design industry. Every web designer worth their salt is using this philosophy these days.

Why the mobile focus?

Numbers. The number of folks using mobile devices for web browsing is amazing. Stats are showing upto 35% of all web browsing is done on a smart-phone or tablet. The number is on a massive uptrend so it makes sense to design websites that flow well regardless of the device.

What makes a good mobile site?

It's the details. Little things we take for granted. Lets break it down a bit.


The right font and image sizes make sites easy (or difficult) to read. Content must be readable on all devices without using zoom or horizontal zoom.


Mobile devices don't have the processing power of laptops or home computers. Mobile website design must be lean and mean. Effective content delivery without the fluff is the goal. The CMS used plays a big role in mobile site speed.


The main navigation menu should collapse into a touchable menu button. Your menu button will present a drop down list showing all your menu and submenu items. This is by far the easiest way to get around websites on smaller mobile devices.

Responsive mobile web design is a non-negotiable these days. We don't even talk about it in the office. It's a given for every site we design.