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Right of the bat, It’s tough writing “About us” pages. Us Aussies don’t like talking about ourselves. But,  let’s try giving you a snap shot of what we’re about and how we can help your online success.


We’re lovers of all things e-commerce. Our lean, mean team has real world ecommerce experience accumulated over 10 years. Building quality websites that drive more business is what we’re all about.

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I was born and grew up in Byron bay. After moving to Brisbane in 1998 a series of crazy events led me into the internet world.

By 2005, Heather and I had 3 highly successful e-commerce stores cracking along. After visiting my folks in Alstonville one day we thought, “why the heck are we still living in Brisbane”. No offence to brisbanites :). Country living is far more agreeable than city living for me.

So we moved to Lismore in 2006 and have been planted here ever since. Oh, apart from a 4 year stint in Chiang Mai Thailand. That’s a whole other story I can bore you with face to face.


Heather, Denis & I have all owned successful Internet and “bricks & mortar” businesses. We look at website building as a part of your overall business strategy. Your website must drive qualified traffic, not just sit there and look pretty.

“Classroom taught” web designers are enthusiastic and know all the jargon, but there’s no substitute for experience in this business. There’s pitfalls around every corner. I’ve always found people who “practice what they preach” to be the most reliable source of expertise.

If anyone tells you it’s easy to build a website or manage an adwords campaign, say “thanks for your time”, put your hand on your wallet and run for the door. This is a sure sign of inexperience.

Getting the most our of your website is like anything else, it takes some work. But the reward for effort can be amazing.

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This part is simple. Drive web design is your online marketing partner. We collaborate with you over time to achieve optimum results. The more we understand your business through a strong relationship the greater the chance of online success.

To us, you’re not a client account number on the system. That type of relationship just stinks. I’ve been that “account number” to a big web services firm in the early Internet days. I created my first online business back in 2002, it was was going pretty good, so we cranked up the online marketing spend with a “BIG COMPANY”. We quickly found that asking for help or meaningful reports on keyword performance was like pulling teeth.

The picture was clear, they didn’t really know what they were doing, or didn’t care. It was time to take the reigns ourselves. In so doing, we unearthed a love of web design adwords and online marketing.


We can do the lot. Web design, website hosting and online marketing. Going with one company for all your web services ensures a cohesive marketing message for your customers.

Give us a call today on 0403847733. We love chatting about visions, dreams and goals.

I wish you every success in your online adventures.

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Darryl Sullivan


Ok, so I've got a good head for radio. But, a hipster beard and man-bun doesn't make a good developer 🙂 I've clocked over 10 years ecommerce and web design experience.  10 years....really? Man that went fast. I have a real desire to see your online project succeed and habitually go the extra mile.



Heather Sullivan

Client Account Manager

Heather has a talent for logic and organisation. Before we started our web business' back in 2005 Heather was a database administrator for Queensland health. She continues to shine in an organisational role at Drive Web Design ensuring client projects are completed on time.




Dennis Gorsz

Server & Security Consultant

For the last 8 years Dennis has been our server and security consultant.  Dennis is quite simply "Brilliant" at server security.  In todays online world security must be water tight. Dennis has been protecting and saving websites since the early days of the web. The force is strong with this one.



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